Finding a dependable and seasoned divorce lawyer can make a vast difference to the resolution of your separation, divorce, or any associated property and child custody disputes. AMT Lawyers & Associates is a Melbourne-based legal firm led by Principal Solicitor Ahmad Taha. Our empathetic and detail-oriented team stands ready to represent your interests in all divorce-related matters.

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AMT Lawyers and Associates was established with the objective to be the standard for excellence in the legal sector.

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We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Why ChooseAMT Lawyers & Associates as Your Divorce Lawyer in Airport West?

AMT Lawyers & Associates is known for providing:

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    Personalised Approach

    As each client and case is unique, we tailor our legal strategies to your specific needs and circumstances.

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    Multilingual Services

    To cater to our diverse client base, we offer services in English and Arabic.

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    Expertise Across Diverse Areas

    Our expertise is not limited to divorce cases. We also handle child custody disputes, property settlement, mediation, and more.

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    Strategic Negotiation Skills

    We aim for out-of-court resolutions to disputes by employing effective negotiation skills.

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    Open Communication

    Our clients are always kept well-informed about their case developments.

When dealing with a matter as sensitive as divorce, the guidance of an experienced divorce lawyer is instrumental. Contact AMT Lawyers & Associates today at (03) 9359 4324 for consultation with our divorce lawyers in Airport West.

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Ahmad Taha
Principal Solicitor LLB, BBUS and GDLP
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    Thanks to Noor she help us alot highly recommended she help us from head to toe took care of my family buying house she basicaly baby sit us even feed the information we needed to know always updated and very... Read More

    August Nacua
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    AMT handled the settlement of our property purchase efficiently and professionally whilst we were on the other side of the world, Noor's communication was excellent and I would certainly utilise there services again.
    Chris Worsley
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    The team at Amt lawyers are absolutely amazing very experienced and professional in what they do. They made the whole process of selling my home extremely easy for me keeping me informed and updated during the whole process. I would... Read More

    Youssef Arabi
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    A big shout out to Solicitor Riffat. I would give her 10 stars if that was an option so passionate, caring and supportive. The rest of the team are just as amazing. Thank you guys. Highly, highly, highly recommend.
    Mouna K
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    Best conveyancers in the business!! Nour was great to deal with, she kept me up to date with everything & was very professional. I would highly recommend AMT Lawyer / AMT Conveyancing.
    Ahmed Khodr
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    Highly recommend AAA+++Noor was such a pleasure to work with .,making the whole process leading up to settlement Day run smoothly .Noor displayed high standard of professionalism and was able to walk my son and i through the entire process... Read More

    Antonia Bailey

Navigating Divorce Proceedings on Behalf of Airport West

Divorce proceedings can be emotionally and financially taxing. Predicated on mutual respect and dignity, our divorce lawyers in Airport West offer a personalised approach to each client, understanding their unique situation, and designing a legal strategy that works best for them. Guiding our clients through each stage, our lawyers ensure you fully comprehend your rights and responsibilities.

We offer professional advice in drafting separation agreements and divorce papers. We also provide hard-wearing defence in court, should it become necessary.

As multilingual lawyers, we offer services in both English and Arabic, catering to a largely diverse client base.

Being informed about your rights and obligations can help you make sound decisions during this challenging time. Our family law expertise spans over many years, earning us a reputation for delivering favourable and amicable results for Airport West clientele.


Child Custody and Support in Airport West

Child custody and support issues can cause significant distress during a divorce. Our team of dedicated divorce lawyers in Airport West is experienced in understanding and interpreting complex family laws, allowing them to advise on child custody cases judiciously.

We commit to advocating for the best interests of your child. Whether it’s a matter of custody, support, or visitation rights, we use strategic negotiation skills to resolve disputes outside of court whenever possible. For cases that proceed to court, we offer our Airport West clients robust representation, fighting for the most favourable outcome.


Property Settlement and Divorce in Airport West

The distribution of assets following a divorce can lead to heated disputes. As experienced divorce lawyers in Airport West, we understand the complexity of such matters. Our comprehensive property settlement services focus on achieving a fair and equitable division of assets.

We strive to achieve an amicable resolution through mediation and negotiation. However, should a resolution be unreachable outside of court, we are fully prepared and equipped to advance your case before the court.


Divorce Mediation Services in Airport West

Mediation serves as an effective platform to facilitate respectful discussions and reach agreements outside of court. Our experienced divorce lawyers in Airport West represent our clients throughout the mediation process to ensure all discussions are conducted fairly and their best interests are protected.

Mediation provides an opportunity for both parties to communicate openly, helping them understand each other’s perspectives and working towards agreements on parenting plans, property division, child support, and other relevant issues.

FAQs for Divorce Lawyer Airport West

How can AMT Lawyers & Associates guide me through my divorce?

Our divorce lawyers adopt an empathetic and supportive approach. We provide clarity and closure to our clients, ensuring their understanding of their legal rights and obligations, and assisting them throughout their divorce proceedings.

Can AMT Lawyers & Associates help me with my child custody case?

Yes, we put the well-being of your children first in all proceedings related to child custody cases. We aim to negotiate fair and reasonable arrangements, keeping the child’s best interests in mind.

How does AMT Lawyers & Associates assist with property settlement?

We understand the complexities of property settlements and strive to achieve an equitable distribution of assets. Our aim is to resolve disputes amicably through mediation and negotiation. However, if required, we represent our clients rigorously in court.

Why should I choose AMT Lawyers & Associates as my divorce lawyer?

AMT Lawyers & Associates constitute a dedicated team experienced in family law, providing personalised and empathetic services in child custody disputes, property settlements, and mediation. We also offer multilingual services in both English and Arabic.

How can AMT Lawyers & Associates aid me in the divorce proceedings?

Our skilled divorce lawyers will design an individual legal strategy for your situation, ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities and provide representation in court if necessary. We provide professional advice and guidance throughout the entire process.

How does AMT Lawyers & Associates handle child custody and support matters in a divorce case?

Our team of dedicated divorce lawyers is experienced in advising on child custody cases judiciously, advocating for the best interests of your child. We strive to resolve disputes outside of court whenever possible and provide robust representation in court when necessary.

Can AMT Lawyers & Associates assist me with property settlement in my divorce case?

Yes. We understand the complexities of property settlements and strive to achieve a fair and equitable division of assets. Our aim is to resolve disputes amicably through mediation and negotiation, but we are prepared to represent you in court if a resolution cannot be reached.

What is the approach of AMT Lawyers & Associates towards divorce mediation services?

Our experienced divorce lawyers represent our clients throughout the mediation process while ensuring all discussions are fair and your best interests are protected. The mediation platform facilitates respectful discussions and helps reach agreements on parenting plans, property division, child support, and other relevant issues.