From the separation of assets to child custody and property ownership, divorce can have a wide range of legal implications. This is where the specialised guidance and support of a divorce lawyer becomes so valuable.

Welcome to AMT Lawyers and Associates, we are a premier law firm based in Melbourne’s north. WIth an in-depth knowledge of Australian family law, our legal team takes an empathetic, measured and detail-oriented approach to all cases.

If you need the services of a skilled divorce lawyer in Coburg, reach out to us now for a consultation.

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AMT Lawyers and Associates was established with the objective to be the standard for excellence in the legal sector.

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We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Why ChooseAMT Lawyers and Associates for a Divorce Lawyer in Coburg?

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    Personalised Approach

    Every client has unique needs. We tailor our legal strategies to meet these specific needs.

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    Multilingual Services

    We accommodate all our clients by providing services in both English and Arabic.

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    Diverse Expertise

    Besides divorce law, we handle commercial law, conveyancing, criminal law, and more.

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    Our aim is to achieve the best possible outcome for all clients.

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    Our team maintains an open line of communication to keep our clients informed at all times.


We are more than just your lawyers; we are your trusted legal partners. If you need advice or guidance from a divorce lawyer near Coburg, contact us at (03) 9359 4324.

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Ahmad Taha
Principal Solicitor LLB, BBUS and GDLP
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    Thanks to Noor she help us alot highly recommended she help us from head to toe took care of my family buying house she basicaly baby sit us even feed the information we needed to know always updated and very... Read More

    August Nacua
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    AMT handled the settlement of our property purchase efficiently and professionally whilst we were on the other side of the world, Noor's communication was excellent and I would certainly utilise there services again.
    Chris Worsley
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    The team at Amt lawyers are absolutely amazing very experienced and professional in what they do. They made the whole process of selling my home extremely easy for me keeping me informed and updated during the whole process. I would... Read More

    Youssef Arabi
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    A big shout out to Solicitor Riffat. I would give her 10 stars if that was an option so passionate, caring and supportive. The rest of the team are just as amazing. Thank you guys. Highly, highly, highly recommend.
    Mouna K
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    Best conveyancers in the business!! Nour was great to deal with, she kept me up to date with everything & was very professional. I would highly recommend AMT Lawyer / AMT Conveyancing.
    Ahmed Khodr
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    Highly recommend AAA+++Noor was such a pleasure to work with .,making the whole process leading up to settlement Day run smoothly .Noor displayed high standard of professionalism and was able to walk my son and i through the entire process... Read More

    Antonia Bailey

Navigate Difficult Times with a Divorce Lawyer near Coburg

We understand that each case is unique, influenced by various factors including child custody disputes, asset allocation, and financial settlements. As divorce lawyers, our aim is to not only protect our client’s rights, but also ensure that all parties reach an amicable resolution.

In Australia, divorce paperwork must be filed with the Federal Circuit Court. Our divorce lawyers can help you to navigate this process and guarantee that all details are correct and you receive all that you are legally entitled to.

Get started today with a divorce lawyer near Coburg.


Work with a Divorce Lawyer in the Coburg Area

Our compassionate and client-driven approach has established AMT Lawyers as a leading choice for divorce lawyer services in Coburg and surrounding areas of Melbourne. With services in both English and Arabic, we listen, we advise, and we act in our clients’ best interests.

Our negotiation skills allow us to minimise complications and maintain peace of mind for clients in what can be a highly tumultuous time. As a trusted divorce law firm near Coburg, we also maintain the highest level of professionalism and discretion in every case.


Settling Child Custody and Assets – Divorce Lawyer Services for Coburg Clients

Divorce and separation is often more than the end of a relationship; In many cases, there are secondary issues to navigate such as child custody, property ownership and asset division. Our skilled team of divorce lawyers help Coburg clients to secure amicable resolutions for both parties, while considering all aspects of their financial circumstances.

With expertise in various facets of family law, our solicitors can provide sound advice on matters involving child custody, property ownership and asset distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions For A Divorce Lawyer Near Coburg

Why should I choose AMT Lawyers and Associates as my divorce lawyer in Coburg?

AMT Lawyers and Associates provide a unique blend of compassion, expertise, and personalization for each client. They handle the complexities of divorce beyond the legal scope, making them a dependable choice for divorce cases in Coburg.

How does AMT Lawyers and Associates handle child custody and asset settlements in divorce cases in Coburg?

The team prioritises the welfare of children and ensures they are at the heart of any decisions made regarding child custody. For asset settlement, they strive to secure a fair share for their clients, taking into account all aspects of the client’s financial circumstances.

Are the lawyers at AMT Lawyers and Associates multilingual?

Yes, AMT Lawyers and Associates accommodate clients by providing services in both English and Arabic.

What factors do the divorce lawyers at AMT Lawyers and Associates consider in a divorce case in Coburg?

They take into account many factors, including the length of marriage, the nature of your property, the earning capacity of each spouse, future needs including childcare, and any superannuation entitlements.

What other legal services does AMT Lawyers and Associates provide apart from being a specialised divorce lawyer in Coburg?

Apart from having expertise in divorce law, AMT Lawyers and Associates handle cases related to commercial law, conveyancing, criminal law, and more.